Gerard Discord Commands

Most of Gerard's commands are available in any server.

Some functionality may depend on it being enabled by the server admin.

!help [command name]

Get a list of available commands or more indepth info about a single command.

Bot Info

About me


Get a link to the bot's support server.


Help power Gerard's maintenance and development


Get my invite link

Brawlhalla Info

Get the latest Community Roundup.

!legend Legend Name

Display a Legend Card


Get the latest patch notes.

!pingtest [region]

Show console ping test commands for your region.


Sends invites for Brawlhalla Discord hubs.


Link to the Brawlhalla Dev Stream and whether it's live.

!queue <region>

Show which regional top 25 players have been queuing ranked within the last 20 minutes.

!queue2v2 <region>

Show which regional top 5 players have been queueing 2v2 ranked within the last 20 minutes.


Finds five Brawlhalla streams on Twitch with the highest viewer count.

!wip [game name] (defaults to Brawlhalla)

Find who is playing a game in the server


Takes you to your profile page, to store your Steam and Brawlhalla ID, so you can access rank and stat info without having to type your name.

!private on (default) | off

Sets your privacy status on whether other users can mention your account to get your information.


Removes ranked, regional, and clan roles.


Assigns ranked, regional, and clan roles based on your ranked stats.


Show your Steam profile


Removes your account profiles from Gerard's memory.


Applies the clan role for those in your server's clan.

Server Admin

Sends a link to updates server-specific settings (prefix, botspam, announce, role management).

!tag <Command Name> <Command Response>

Adds a custom command for your server. If the command has the same name as one of the default commands, the custom command will override the default functionality.

!clan [@user]

Clan stats for the mentioned user.


Get an estimate of the amount of Glory you'll receive at the end of the current ranked season.

Glory is awarded based on a combination of ranked wins and peak rating across all ranked game modes.


Retrieves rankings for a mentioned user (if they have claimed their profile) or the Steam name you specify.


Retrieves stats for a mentioned user (if they have claimed their profile) or a given Brawlhalla ID.


Find upcoming official Brawlhalla tournaments on


Find upcoming Brawlhalla tournaments on